Quality Risk Management & Fire Service

Quality Risk Management & Fire Service


Quality Risk Management & Fire Services is a newly established firm which opened up in January 2019. We are specialized in Risk Management and Fire Services. We provide nationwide Property Audit and Risk Assessment services for Insurance Companies and Property Owners.

With over 15 years in Property Risk Audit Services, we have seen the demand of this market and have decided to establish our very own Quality Risk Management and Fire Services here in Papua New Guinea.

Supported by strong management, experienced and dedicated staff, we work with all property type ranging from Commercial to Residential.

We identify issues that may result in property damage, personal injury or business interruption, and provide advice and assistance to effectively minimize or eliminate those potential risks.

Once the risks are identified we then prepare tailored Risk Management Underwriting Reports which assist our clients and their Insurance Advisors to gain wider acceptance of their risk from the insurance market to achieve the most competitive possible premiums.

Our VISION is to provide a common sense approach to Risk Audit reporting in compliance to OHS policy guidelines, in particular PNG WHS Act 1996.

Our MISSION is to reach the ultimate goal of Client’s satisfaction in delivering Risk Audit Reports within reasonable time frame and procure projects at competitive pricing.

Safety Philosophy

Our execution philosophy is based on 18 main fire and risk hazards as listed below;

  1. Fire Fighting Equipment (Service and Maintenance/Fire Hydrant Identifications)
  2. House Keeping
  3. Electrical safety (MDBS/GPOs/Cabling/Lighting/Thermal Imaging Scanning on all sites every quarter/etc.)
  4. Contractor Performance
  5. Security
  6. Operations (Policies/Procedures, etc..)
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Policies/Procedures
  8. Exit signs inside the building
  9. Evacuation Plans for the building
  10. Evacuation Drills carried out in the building
  11. Stand Alone Smoke Detectors
  12. Fuel Storage Areas
  13. Environmental Health and Safety (Sanitation/Toilet Facilities)
  14. Sustainability programmers (Aid Post/Charity Programmes in the estate)
  15. Backup Services (Reserve Water Tanks, Genset)
  16. Safety Trainings/Awareness
  17. Lighting issues in the Premises
  18. Building Structures

Our expertise in Property Risk Management has been recognized and is accepted within the Insurance Industry.

We are here to give you that practical comprehensive risk reports for the safety of your assets.

Risk Audit Insepctions

Here are some of our highlights on Risk Audit Inspections conducted.
The following stake holders were commissioned by Capital Insurance;

  1. WR Carpenter Group of Companies. Risk Audits done in May, June & July 2019 and completed
    within the time frame given.
    • 7 x Port Moresby Properties (Commercial, Residential, Retail)
    • 3 x Lae Properties (Commercial & Retail)
    • 4 x Madang Properties (Industrial & Commercial)
    • 2 x Goroka Properties (Commercial)
    • 11 x Mt Hagen Properties (Industrial/Factories)
    • 7 x Kokopo Properties (Industrial/Commercial)
    • 1 x Rabaul Properties (Industrial/Factory)
  2. Digicel PNG Risk Audits done in May 2019
    • 1 x Digicel Building (Commercial)
    • 1 x Ex-Hitron Building (Commercial)
  3. Patrick’s Transport Properties. Risk Audits done in August, 2019
    • 6 x Port Moresby Properties – ANZ Compound (Commercial)

Contact Us:

ANZ Waigani Compound; Unit 5,Section 451, Allotment 17, Hohola NCD
Phone:  +675 325 1326; +675 325 1329
Fax:  +675 325 1324

Contact Us:
ANZ Waigani Compound; Unit 5,Section 451, Allotment 17, Hohola NCD
Phone:  +675 325 1326; +675 325 1329
Fax:  +675 325 1324

Visit: https://www.qualitygroup.com.pg/contact/